saturday 28/06/2008

You have XU52 ?

Do u still have kerozinn Cr???

Ill go 4.5k for him now any one?


I can sell you an frida, but nothing else for less than 200 smiley

Ano naman ang trade mo kay kolos ???

I got copper
miss chloe
dayton and

Lol, they were trying to help you so that you might actually sell your Selsya, good luck.

The title says it all, Burger for 1500. PM me if you want one (I have many). Don't bother asking me for a discount, the answer will be NO.

8100 clintz and Samantha for your Wee Lee

@Khansalas: No way.

The price of Miss Twice Cr has gone up quite a bit so I guess I should offer 8K (negotiable) and Vickie.

I want to trade my:

charlie maxed+1.2k for marco
Graksmxxt maxed+ 700 clints for gaia

pm me if you like to tradesmiley

I will buy a toro from any body for 1000 clinz

Please close this forum

Deal has been done plz close thread smiley ty

Sale has been done. plz close this post ty smiley

friday 27/06/2008

If you don't send them I will spend my money , mods please close

26 k my offer

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