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monday 12/10/2009

An active and good guild. pmme if u want me

I've come back and so made a guild to present my own ability to play in any game
Join my guild but I will not force you to.
The site is below:

Ensamble mi gremio pero no le forzaré a.
El sitio está abajo:

Joignez ma guilde mais je ne vous forcerai pas à.
L'emplacement est ci-dessous :

Schließen Sie sich meiner Zünft an, aber ich zwinge Sie nicht zu.
Der Aufstellungsort ist unten:

Junte-se a minha guilda mas eu não o forçarei a.
O local está abaixo:

Unisca la mia cooperativa ma non lo forzerò a.
Il luogo è qui sotto:


sunday 11/10/2009

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Im active but need help gettng started pm me guys

Welcome All!

We are The Dark Label! A new place and brand of Guild. We come from many games but this is the newest edition. So please we offer a place for new people to learn, we offer a place for oldies to teach us newbs things. I am always looking for people to join me!


Check the guild out join up and become apart of something that will become famous one day.

Thanks guys...

saturday 10/10/2009


If you have lvl 20 or more, please join us. In sky warriores you'll learn more about this fantastic game, and become a great player.

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Whats up people just on here Introducing myself in this urban world as Kaisa Sosa seeking friends and guild opportunities so get at me...

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Just to let you know, i'm still active.

Join the guild for atractive people cuz we hav giv aways in which you can win vickie cr

Keep coming

friday 09/10/2009

Good luck smileysmiley

We are a very active guild, so be sure to look inti joining us, we are happy to recruit anyone above lvl 20smiley

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