tuesday 24/06/2008

Oh, I don't know, maybe because of her +1 life steal ability, and 3 damage. How much are you trying to pay? 1100 really isn't too much for her imo.

I have Wardog and Emeth. what would u give me?

monday 23/06/2008

You want to sell a card 30k more than the market price but want to buy cards at lower prices smiley
The prices you tag the cards are lower for the current prices flow on the market.
Also all those prices will go up again after the piranas "fever" is gone.
I don´t think anone will be so naive as to accept your "trade" smiley

==============================All Sold out!================================

Ill trade you all but Nahi Cr PM me

Just Private Sell them to me and I will except them if the price is reasonable


Close this. Have got the deal.

Kenny and kolos for my vickie


How much ffor Windy Mor?


sunday 22/06/2008

Close delete

While that would be luberly i think its bulk buy then sale at a etter time... correct me if im wrong

What level? I mean how many stars?

I got most of the pirates and all of the top rescue...lemme know.

Buying yayoi for 5400 just send it to my ps

To clarify: MY striker for YOUR gertrud.

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