friday 27/06/2008

You need to post which cards you are willing to trade. Just so it's clear:

Djdec14xxtcr wants to trade some of his cards for someone else's Dalhia

Close please.

I really want something from gheist or nightmare.

It means she's looking for soilel collector cards at their minimum level with no xp points , hard to find these days smiley

Can some1 close this please.


Close pls. all sold

Dont have quite enough to pick her up on the market just yet, but im getting close so im posting to see if theres anyone out there interested in making a person to person sale.

just send me a PM with your price, or whichever cards you might like to recieve in trade, and we can do business i am sure smiley

Could a moderator please close this thread.

Kolos, Bodenpower, Meero, Petra, Don, Robb and 2000 Clintz
14k 3k 1.5k 1.5k 1k 1k 2k = approximately 24 thousand clintz

You would make around a four thousand clint profit in this trade based on current market prices (depending on what you do with the cards you could probably end up making more like seven...)

Close this plz smiley

i alredy bought sumting

Leduc: Good for you... XD

Storm: I'm trading my 0 Exp one for a maxxed one and a little extra, sorry if I didn't make it clear enough... smiley

Ill buy it for 1 840 clintz

How much for jacki

thursday 26/06/2008

Its all I have right now.

Any 2 of them for vickie.

I have one extra glorg
i will trade for one of this
baby q

pm please

How much for Vladimir ?

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