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sunday 24/08/2008

1630 Clintz plz

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I have a message already

Dont need methane any more

Cmon offer up smiley

Na Boh
and any more if good price

Plz put price betr thn the market or else posting this is a waste

I'm looking to buy Ombre Cr. I'll pay 50k for him. If anyone has one for sale either set it up for Private Sale or send me a PM.

saturday 23/08/2008

Buying all your cheap and unwanted cards for about 100-120 each.

PM me if interested

Um nahi cr 20k

Close this now

PM me with offers

Wat bout 7k


I'm buying Gary (no full xp) and Phonos (no full xp).

1 Gary = 600

If you want, send me your card on private space...
(sorry for my horrible english, because i'm French)

Will pay 800

Close please i have them now

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Will buy for 14k PM me.

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How much for Kang or Marina?

425k on market....

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