saturday 21/06/2008

Gary level 1 or 2 = 250clintz
Phonos level 1 or 2 = 200clintz
Mort Bax level 1 or 2 = 150clintz

Hawkins gotten.
Smokey for 400?

friday 20/06/2008

Please Close, Already Sold

Ill give u jackie for dahlia send me a message

That's only a value of approx 185k. Marlysa Cr hasn't been lower than 210k in the last two months, so you're probably going to have to up the offer to get any serious interest. You might want to try the French forums. People over there sell her in lots of 10 and may be willing to trade @ a discount in order to get clintz immediately for another deal they're cutting.

Shes gone, srry

What cards are in the bangers deck?

Please close

It's close sold for kolos

Bump !

This isn't even half of her value!!!

Mods please close this as this was made when there were only 5 cards in the clan

CLOSED already got one

Sold! mods close

Seeing how kenny can only go to level 4, something seems odd here

Lobo , Kerry , Elvira , Steve

PM or you want to trade or sell

Alec, Elvira, Steve, and Marco have now all been bought now buying for 5900 any level but prefer maxed.

Mods please close this.....

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