thursday 26/06/2008

Looking for Dahlia, only Piranas I need now. Anyone selling let me know a price.

Any offer post here or pm me

Sorry about the offer i thought it was
sell not buy

Close this mod
no one is trading

wednesday 25/06/2008


GTCAWI3 will be up tomorrow.

I'll trade a timber for a vholt

Yoooooooo you cant sell cards

I got both smiley

He's not trying to sell chiro he wants to buy chiro which you don't need credits to do

I will buy any recu or la jan off of you just tell me a good price

What do you want for ombre cr?

Already I have put another message in the French forum, but interested nobody appears!:S

I sold all of these close it

I'm buying Splata CR is anyone selling it for a bit under the market price

K St3eze i'll pm you. Mods close please.

Never mind i sold it for 12k to soliuz so close please

Here are the winners:
1)Alexei was won by EEBurritoLOA.

2)Amelia was won by Liljay14.

See u next time.

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