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thursday 10/07/2008

No one wants her????

Close please

Close i sold it alonggggg time ago smiley

Sorry mate i thought you were selling kinjo

I have Kerry PM me with offer

Close this a got 1 oxp now...smiley smiley smiley

Buying Erik 3k please thx

I have 670 for Vladimir if you still have'em

I have got wheeler deadeye andsom and katan

Ill trade u my page cr for your kolos

Wat CR? selsya cr?

2 * Vickie bought please close smiley

Sold close please

I have some pirates up for sale just look at my profile and buy them


I will trade a level 5 vaansar for Rhed and Mayhem. please respond soon.

wednesday 09/07/2008

How much

Wat are you looking for in trade?

You sell someone a card 50 and they sell you back a different card for 50

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