wednesday 25/06/2008

Never mind i sold it for 12k to soliuz so close please

Here are the winners:
1)Alexei was won by EEBurritoLOA.

2)Amelia was won by Liljay14.

See u next time.

Please close, I have traded it with Raven... smiley

I want but i dont have money

Mods, pls close this subject ......smiley

Please close

Multiple account usage is not allowed here..

Lol you worked hard for 330 clintz, you're doin' it wrong.

I really dont have much so Im asking can some any one sell me Uranus for 1k plsss thank you

Please close i got all my cards

tuesday 24/06/2008

The title says it all just pm me for offers

Aprlord888 would you trade your spycee rhed and smokee for
send me a message

Im Selling one for 23000K .answer using my name.

I HAVE ANDSOM trade me ughmmm decent uppers for it?

Wanda 740

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