saturday 14/06/2008

I will trade u kolos and lennox and dayton

Olga is going up in the market starting now. No one had much interest so i'm selling it there.

I will give rolph , hawkins , xu52

Max yaman for 200
max matthew for 250 or 280
max sydney for 400 or 450

Ryuk : Yes exact it is the flag for acceder has different forum.
I remain Francais above all with pathetic one English because I pass 20 minutes has to translate that you me said smiley

Can any1 sell me graff for 1.8 k pplz post ur info here. Or pm mesmiley

Lol use the training room and put a vansaar in the deck

Makes sense..okay I don't guarantee top 150. Sorry.

Yes i have molly , give me 2k for she smiley smiley

Mods deal is done please close this

DJ Korr Cr = 5m about

Rowdy + Peeler + Kolos + Kenny = about 40k i think

That as it is, you're about 4960000 clintz off.

Ill give you a yaman

Naaaaa..i have lulabee already...


Its funny he use to be on sell in the market for 700clintz
now your ask to buy it for more then double what he use to cost should have got then
instead of haveing to pay so much for him now

Note, ice34Top cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Who has mona that can sell me for just 1500

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