sunday 22/06/2008

Name your price I'll see what I can do

Do not make offers like I'll trade Flesh Pimp for your Sakazuki

Can anyone sell Marco to me for 9000 clintz?
I'm short on clintz now.

saturday 21/06/2008

How much for nistarok

Or 9000

Guys, please read properly between the cards I "HAVE" and the cards I "WANT"!!!

Thank you

I take hattori and linda

Close thank you

Note, ownedlol cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Now hes worth more than what i sold him for

Also added uranus and 3000 clintz

Forget it...

mods plz close

14 messages

1k for katan

I'll trade u a maxed level Chiro

I will buy cr's, tell me your offers



dead eye

I would like trades better..... PM me!

Lol... i'm selling kenny not buying it!

How much for
Vladimir (U) x2 and Kolos (R) x2
Send ME mesage please...
Thanks smiley

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