tuesday 20/05/2008

Guys sorry it is on the market for 3k did it by accident but 0- invoker go ahead and buy it now if you want

Hey i hope you do too and when you do just send them my way lol

monday 19/05/2008

I'll buy tatane for 150

Forgot to say check your ps.

Well im gettin out of the montana thing now. not comin bak here so dont post. just a heads up.

Does he want it now or then? Fine for bridget 800+ uncommon card take it or leave it

I sell my Kolos for 500,000 clintz. payable in installments.

Mods please close

I am willing to pay 37500 for Splata, I know that is a good 6-7K off the market price. If you are sick of Splata sitting on the market, and want clintz (no trade... I'm giving you the green stuff) pm me. I will only pay 37500, so don't pm me and try to talk the price up, if you don't want to sell for this price, just let it sit on the market. You can however private sale me any price.

Eklore ????????????

Already bought elvira and anita... Need hax for 2.5k Pm me pipol

Also, check out the market for an idea of how much she's worth

I'm buying Sheitane for... your offer.... below MP please...smiley

Buying havok for 2300

Buying vermyn n for 7 k
i dun mind if it is Max exp.

Note, GalaxyCards cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

so he can just buy a william..

Close this mod already bought 1

All I need now are Hax and Elvira

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