sunday 08/06/2008

That is not a very good offer

I have everyone, except tanaereva

private plz

Ashley for 250

Buying /trading xu 52 send me msgs with the price

Fifty for 1k

Close pls....

Sorry for making two threads

What i actually meant was did you want the piranas or did you want the xu52

No sale, offer below reserve. Close please.

What card do you want for rhed.

I am Buying Mayhem for 1400 for lvl 1

Please close

Damn that double the price of tha market . Your on crack to sell for that much.

Train the hugo to level 5 then sell it to kate, you'll get 800 smiley

Hahahah trade : )

Note, joseph_her cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Well then he can post this when Piranas arent crowded, but currently you can easily get one for under 15k

Plz sell me Jeeves and tyler less then market price. i could trade u something and pay

This is so a spam

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