sunday 08/06/2008

Looking for Crs I have 50k and over 100,000k in cards

Not really we made a rule for whoever gets to 3 we scored 3-2 you ran away i pmed you you said PLZZ LETS DO IT TILL 5 IT WAS MY BROTHER AND STARTED TO WHINNING

Check ps mayhem 1.8k

Deal ull give u ur money

I've sold my deck .
mods plz close

Lock this, all the cards that I am still selling are in my other thread.

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In the past you got over 40 cards and you sold them. You been a member since March, and its June now four months already passed. Your no a noobie

Is a member since thursday 13/03/08. Profile views 106 times.
MissyMee283 can sell his/her character on the public market or privately.

My olga to your wolfgang maxed esmeralda maxed and eve maxed
ill add up clintz if needed or ill add cards

All Piranas sold but still selling the other cars said above.

saturday 07/06/2008

I have 5k and these cards * in brackets is lvl*
Montana : enzo , Murphy , don , Aldo , flesh pimp ( all base lvl )
bangers :Leila (base )
all stars : 3 Allison ( 2 base 1 max) , Ashley and Mario (max)
ulu watu : buck (base)
and a few more... not much else of major interest but ask if theres any cards ya want and i'll check

Coby is not worth too much in the market now.

All right how about 140k?

Hehe if he had DJ Korr Cr that's about 7kk and asking some 6 piranas that don't make 20k now... if he had DJ he would buy himself a full montana or nightmare deck and be happy. Piranas dont have a choise in making deck yet

Buying following cards:
1.Edd (1500-1700clintz- max lvl)
2.Mona(2400-2600clintz-any lvl)
3.Ottavia(about 3000clitnz- max lvl)

All Sales Private Deal Plz.TnX.

Hello people, i'm an unexperienced player yet so ima lookin for cheap Following Montana Cards:
1.Edd- (max lvl- 1600ctz or lvl1-- 1400-1500ctz)
2.Mona(any lvl- about 2500ctz)
3.Ottawia(least wanted-- 3000ctz)

For Deal Private Sale me. Tnx. smiley smiley

Sold for 2.8k

Post your offers here do not post pointless offers like plz give me ur nistarok for 100clintz or trade your nistarok for my bob joby

I am looking for Hawkins or Katan for my Kenny... PM me

What card you want to trade like i bought them for 2400 soo like i wo'nt give me mayhem below 2400 sooo if you want to give me a card worth 2400 then we can trade my mayhem is fully evevolved smiley

I would love to trade my Swidz Cr to your Tanaevera!

PM or leave a message here!! smiley

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