friday 20/06/2008

Sold! mods close

Seeing how kenny can only go to level 4, something seems odd here

Lobo , Kerry , Elvira , Steve

PM or you want to trade or sell

Alec, Elvira, Steve, and Marco have now all been bought now buying for 5900 any level but prefer maxed.

Mods please close this.....

thursday 19/06/2008

Plaese close

21K for Miss Twice CR pm me if u have better offer

Mods can you close this thread. i bought my graff. thank you. smiley


Pm me!

5k for Ielena = deal PM me if interested

Hahahahahahahha NOOB

I just dont want to end up spending all my clintz on him so if anyone has one for less than the marked price...

Im selling my good bangers deck ( note: look at Bangers Death. u will see my deck) for a montana deck that inlcudes a vickie and enzo. if it does not contain vickie please let it contain Edd and Rosa. pm me if u want to trade decks

Can i have anita for 1001 clints

Got him from the market. This can be closed now

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