tuesday 03/06/2008

Oi haniel!!!

How can we pay.. we cant sell yet..???smileysmiley

I will buy Maciej for 1600.

Close pls.

I now can sell cards thanks to someone

How much for Fifty?

Kolos to sell 14,000 to maximum
MP concerned
adios and greetings

monday 02/06/2008

Trying to comlete my Ulu Collection and all i need is a Gabrielle and Gaia. Give me some offers.

Well im sellin marco and morphum for 25,500

I can buy for 17 k pm me if ok

Title says all. Highly recommended that you PM me if you're interested. You could also post it here, but mods are slow to check posts this time of day :/

Please pst me the prices for all. i'm after all except the first 3. i would really like to buy them off you if possible.

Hi i would like to buy the card aurelia for cheaper than the market sells it for and i was wondering if any one happened to be selling one of those cards smiley

Mods please close i have bought the leaders i need

All range from the price of 200-1k in clintz
would like to sell all at once iuff possible
pm me offers


Deal oh wait you can't trade....LOL jk

Really then how about Rowdy for 10k? LOL be more specific

I will sell if i still have him when you come back online

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