monday 05/05/2008

Any card at a value i got 180clz if ya want it make me a deal

sunday 04/05/2008

Im looking to buy a gaia for a decent price

Hey man if you don't like my offer just ignore it...we don't really your precious comment here to tell us what's his price in the market...any one can know's not a secret

Esmeralda max

Hey if anyone is selling rescue cards for a discount or really low price (cuz im on a budget) plz pm me and tell me the person and how much it costs! ty

Hello everyone
I am selling lelena (full level) if anyone wants it best price will get it if i think the price is fair
private message me or write the price here

Just one not like im aken for them all just 1 thats all

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Note, Vala1 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Will buy most cards and trade almost any card but for good cards and not overpriced cards

Ashigaru, chole for a vickie

That's about market price and it might become a cr soon.

It's about 3.6 k when i posted it

Mods close they r all gone

i want to trade my MAXXED rolph to level 4 rolph and maybe 3...
i want to trade ask for price or cards you want..
i offer to u vermyn n maxxed if u add some clintz...
talk with me...

I got max marco. offer

Jackie for 6200

I will buy any cards worth 1300 clintz.........
If i like ill buy if not ill refuse.............

Emma for 1050 clintz

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