thursday 19/06/2008

Mods can you close this my chiro is sold

Ill give u mona edd and ottavia

wednesday 18/06/2008

K how much for enzo?

I hate to say it... i would like to close this auction... would a mod please close this...

Do you want that Striker that everyone talks about? Well I'm selling/trading him. I will not accept offers under 5500 and all cards are, depending on attack, acceptable

Cause u havent bought any credit yet

Close this mods

Fox wats the lowest you're willing to go?

Close please mods

Ye cloze plz

@post 21:

"21/33Team Albania - Guru
Saturday 14/06, 14:45

Lock this topic"

Do u still have ur Lulabee? Please pm me ur price...

I want to buy alexei from U guyz for 660 clintz, Deal or no deal. first come first serve>

I want to sell her...
offer your best!
i am looking for some tessa cr....and more
you can offer even cards that aren't crs like gaia....and more!
clintz will NOT be accepted...

Jackie priced at 10k

Ur confusing me r u selling kolos? or dorian???

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