saturday 18/11/2017

I bought it, thanks.smileysmiley

Hi, you need to mention how much premium you would like.

Updated price 165k


100 Miloz 0xp 26k per card

I look for
Butcher Braxton (1m)
Newell (400k)

friday 17/11/2017

@5 lol do cards still have historys on them to see whose had them? smiley I remember that being a selling point at one point in time.

I value Lamar Cr at 2.3 m
Xp doesn't matter.

Reine Cr 0xp 1.5 m
A Award Cr Full xp 650 k
Striker Cr 220 k
Total of 2.37 m

Ah yea ur right, dounia scarlet manon is removed -_-

Buy manon as fast as you can hehe

Pm to discuss

Trade Vickie Cr 0xp!
Estimate her at 2.900.000 (negiotable)

Looking for GhosTown cards like
Poppy Mary Victor Van Dort Judge Lynch Dakota

But also feel free to make me another offer smiley
Pm me for faster response!

I don’t sell only 25. I sell 500 at one shot. I’m happy to keep them if no one takes it smiley

Hi, partly people... uh, I mean party people!

I'm looking to buy Newell for 290k. Please put him in my PS and send me a message.
Thanks!!!!! ^__smiley__smiley__^

I sell them for 150k/t


Sorry, I sold it

thursday 16/11/2017

Selling my Buthcer Braxton for 1.7m

88 of full xp hal gladiuses gone,

3 full xp and 99 0xp left!

I want to trade my Butcher Braxton 0xp (950k) for

Kalindra CR (730k) + 225k cash
Emeth CR (450k) + Sylth CR (490k)

The CRs can be any xp
PM Mr for a faster response, although you can also post here

Thanks! smiley

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