friday 02/05/2008

Ill get your buck in p sale please

I got 850 clintz
for your offers
just put in my private sale
ill refuse if i dont like it

Ok then what about Vickie what can io trade you for her

Actually its around 7 and id have to spend 200 buying all 4 cards and ztamab is abiut 7400 so actually its pretty fair dont spam my message

If u have a kawan how much for it??

I have :

Z3r0 D43d

and more so im open for reasonable suggestions
u make da offer and i'll answer

Hey mods could you do me a favor and close this?


The offer was already taken. Please close. Thank you.

What collector cards did you have in mind for those 3 cards? smiley

Diyo cr for 12k geuner cr for 10k and chad bread cr 10k
diyo lvl 2 geuner 0xp and chad bread 0xp

Sry 2 late no more offers

Will also sell i guess

Plz close

thursday 01/05/2008

I am offerin a kolos and a morphun

All are gone

mods,close please

Can i just have amiral py, tank, and burger? i sent u a pm

I'll give you 8k for kolos.

Just to confirm, I am holding you to the trade of

I now have
60 Ben (C)
79 Denise (C)
53 Ella (C)
3 Erzsebet (C)
1 Frida (C)
11 John (U)
6 Lolly (C)
18 Luba (C)
13 Mario (U)
19 Morlha (C)
21 Prince Jr (C)
8 Stanford (C)

so i got more lol

for Lamar CR?

You are unblacklisted btw. You can pm me if this is what you want.

I want to buy cheap Junkz specifically, Kawan, Malmoth, Dash and Onik.
Post price here and I may accept.

Juicy Lord
Vermyn N
or I Can Trade
Note This is Buying not selling

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