wednesday 14/05/2008

Someone help me out please?

Looking to buy Morphun at around 8k if want more just ask.

I buying allstars up to 1500

Sos i've got Kati.

Need ombre for 20,000 clintz and cards to fill in rest of money vaule (level 1 no exp would be nice)

Im in and hope i win

What level is Don?

Buying now for 6k.

Like the title says I'm looking to buy Lea and Anita from rescue, say your price and I'll pm you if I accept.

8.7 for 0ne

Please close.

B ball

300-450 clintz

Also trading Dragan Cr. I'm willing to add 35k in exchange for Marlysa Cr.

He's buying, not selling Rohan

The player "I CH3MICAL I" has just won my account, as he was the first one to post. Some of you didn't quite understand what I was doing...asking me for cards...and some really appreciated me (thx "Dark Reaper"smiley but I hope you wont hold me any grudge. This is my leaving message too, so good luck everyone, and keep this a healthy game and environment for everyone!

I know that Lyse Tenia Cr is better than Rass Cr and more expensive too, but I had to try it

1) no end date
2) no reserve price only a buy it now.

Ihav enzo but what do i get

Both already sold through market

Can anyone help me get a Jeeves????

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