wednesday 30/04/2008

Maxxed leaders are able to be sold to kate for 800

Ooops sorry I thought you were selling so sorry.smiley

You can't sell

Cheap cheap cheap
i am selling otpme cheap at 150 clintz respond if you would like to buy itsmiley

B ball smiley 300clints


Ok,but if you don't find one....I'll always have my Saddy....smileyXD

Message me ...! smiley

Close this mods,sorry for those who's offers were ignored......I got what I was looking for....

My offer changes to jim cr, jackie, ambre

Close, smiley

Redjumpsuit- All of your tiny offers for pricey cards are stating to spam up the sales forum. You need to accept the fact that you will never buy any card on this forum for less than about 15% off the market price.

The sad part is there aren't that many guys in the US forums who have a Lyse Teria Cr and I doubt anyone of them will trade it away. Try the French Forum.

Why r u always looking for the best cards for less then a 1/10 of the price.

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I have 2 glorg on highest lvl for 3000 each and i have a fleshpimp on highest lvl for 500.

I am buying marco.. message me for offers

600 yeasmiley

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