wednesday 04/06/2008

What the heck???? Shouldn't this thread be closed because it's not in English? I mean I have no problem with other countries' players posting in our english board, but shouldn't they make and attempt at english?

Mods please close.

Mod plz close i bought credits

Hi! My name is Charles and always wanted a cr. smiley Please can anyone trade me for one? Pm me if you will. Whoever gets me my first cr will get any good card i come across. im looking for kerrizon cr miss twice cr genreal cr splata cr or any other good one. pm me please.

I wanna buy Splata Cr full xp less expensive than the market.

Please send me a message if you want sell me this card.


Sold mod pls close

NVM Sold
request a lock

If you agree, you can send me vansaar in private sale for 500 clintz, then i will buy it.

Mods close this he has one already.

All cards are sold mods please close

C'mon, Blaaster. This post is 4 months old. There's no reason to bring it back to life.

I want to buy Miss Ming 0xp lvl 1 for 200 clintz each need at least 10

Sorry guys my codes were gone mods pls close

Pm me if interested

Opps.. I meant.. Please close this thread for I no longer need it.. Thanks

Sorry bout that.. I thought I was in the guild forum is can simply close the thread.. smiley smiley

Close this....he was sold in the market

Selling at the market price. pay the market price and get the card smiley

so.. who is interested? or IM me we can negotiate as well...

Close this modz

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