tuesday 13/05/2008

What cards do your deck contain? I might be able to help you.

Well I'm gonna keep spamming since i see no comments.

monday 12/05/2008

Ottavia,Mona,Veenyle msg me prices any lvl

Is this over if so tell the mods to close it.smiley

Mods please close I have gotten the cards I wanted

To Dan kedda: no. maybe vermyn N + some clintz
to X 12AMPAGE: no. please dont offer less than the market. and i prefer trading

Mods please close this

I am offering 3 Lamar Cr and an A Award Cr for a Simund Cr

I want to buy tessa cr for 30,000 please

Sold it sorry smiley

Im exchanging my havok(3800) for shakra(2800) and noodile(800)..(i want maxxed)

PM me ...

0- invoker

Can pay up to 65k, but looking for the cheapest possible price. Pm me if interested, Thanks all smiley

Ill sell giovcanni

How much zdrone?

I buy keery at 1level 0xp i can exchange in loto preffer exchange for another cards please contact me at privat message

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