wednesday 23/09/2009

Close this mods, shadowhawk made a new post.smiley

Hi, I'm a player of 1-2 years and recently my guild has been empty

rather than just simply joining another guild i want to restore our guild back to the top
now accepting new players, requirements are set up by the guild Leader

join and bring a guild back on top

Looking for plp i need plp right now do not care wat lv how fair u play just need plp right now so join

Oh... Sorry about that Taso...

Euzebe... I would like you to PM me if at all possible, I would like to talk to you about an adverstisement for this...

tuesday 22/09/2009

JOIN for us.

monday 21/09/2009

>to lazy to create a guild but want to be an important member and contribute well the League of Gangsters is the Guild for you.
>The first three people to join the guild become and administrator but hurry spots will be filled fast

>click here to join

New guild...
MAF14 are looking for some new friends

- avtive player and message board
- must have good manners and respect fellow urban rivals players
-lvl 30+

What our guild can give you:
- meet great friends
- fun & enjoy

so join now

sunday 20/09/2009


Hello smiley
Ursus is recruiting new members

-all members must be lvl 18 or up

We have tournaments with cool prizes smileysmileysmiley

Join Ursus here:

If you have any questions ask me

Guys it is still very warm in this guild Join so the temp can drop some more

Close please

I am one of the admins of Precise Indecision. And me and pieater112 (Founder) are wanting to have one guild merge with us before we close off recruitment so we can focus on tournaments. We have only been around for a week and from our join leadership and bright ideas we have been progressing very rapidly.
All admins and the founder of the guild that merges will be admins in our guild
And users under level 10 will be accepted, but will need to be steadily leveling up, or may face the boot, unless there is a reason to the situation.

saturday 19/09/2009

Sorry, here's the link to the guild:


Totally new. The name says it all! Love eastern culture? Have a totally Fang Pi deck? Then you should fit in nicely here. XD No experience required.

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