wednesday 07/05/2008

I got two jackies if u want i,ll trade u for

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Every gwen level 1 that have 0xp or A LITTLE can sell to me in private...please...
don't go with big prices...!

Sold sorry!

Buying ambre or kiki for 2800 clints

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Anyone ?

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Are you planing a market rise on Frankie Hismiley

Nothing extra worth while....

Ill trade my kenny and 3000 clintz for 2 kolos.....(any level)

Ill buy sheitane

Someone bought the lot alredy smiley
Close please

New Blood - cards lose value after first week, but good to sell anytime.
Danger - most expensive clans in there for money
Cool Attitude and Action pack are basically the same.
Full deck - nice to always have a rare
Rainbow - never buy. They need to delete this.

Do u have any in the range of 500

tuesday 06/05/2008

Mods please close this thread and delete it I'm out of clintz and offers lol

One card
or any # just om me and private sale it

300 -500 below market price
lea anita slyde

Its fully leveled up, PM me with offer,

Ill trade a willy for him

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