tuesday 27/05/2008

Level one Gwen is worth at least 1.8k smiley
No one wants to lose clintz ...

How much for the wolfgang?

Can anybody sell me lelena can't buy it at the market only got 2000 Clintz. so can some really nice person sell it to me for that amount please.


i will acept some money or some rare cards

BUMP! smiley
I belive he doesn't care about the level smiley

Discount plsssssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Can someone pls sell my their methane any lvl for 3k ? pls

I hav it wot will u buy it 4

Dude you can already sell on market............

Please close have made deal

Vryer is better since it has -4 opp att ability which comes in handy sometimes

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It's cool to beg for cards in the forums, hehe! It's tolerable and cute! There are alot of nice people who give away free cards in this game... ahem... d po ako isa dun! smiley

U cant even sell, dont bother to post

Buying any card that when you check its history is from 06. I'll pay 1k (maybe more.).

To check its history, you go to your collection, click a card and then scroll down a bit. To ensure I won't get scammed, either take a picture and post the link/pm it, or sell it to me for 50 and sell another card to me for 1100 and I'll sell it back for 50. If they are really scarce I'll up the price I'll pay but don't expect me to shell out 10k for a Bob Joby from 06.

Don't post here asking for something free. You can bump this all you want, chit chat what ever. Thanks for reading.

Allyfung - plz read..... i already said kolos is gone
killer-A - wht are u offering for?

2k for one of them

Robb -2k
Loma Noju -2k
Windy Mor - 600
Kati -800
Miranda -1100
if u have any sentiel, allstars or fang pi cards sell me it other than that sell these to me

Buying sentienl all stars and fang pi calls

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