tuesday 06/05/2008

And a Gabrielle..... for about 4k.

I have a Jim Cr oxp and a Maxed Jackie i will also thorugh in a maxed Vickie

I will trade a tessa cr 0 exp for your lamar cr already maxed,just send them when your readysmiley

Lamar cr is also available now

How much

Im sorry, mods, please close

Well I dont think anyone will sell one for a VERY cheap price as his like 9k I think. Maybe offer a trade

I have 400 clintz. can anyone send me a private sale for vladimir. actually i have close to 500 so 500 clintz.

Offering 50 k for lamar
190k for marlysa
50k for elya
25k for kerozin
35k for splata
30k for tessa
and 20k for mis twice

BUMP, please someone help me!

I will help my friend buy

he will buy a max marco for 8100 or 8400
marina 3000
striker 3500

please put your offer here

monday 05/05/2008

I'm looking for toro For 3k

9 messages

10,500 smiley

5 messages


I've got an edd for 2.5k. i don't know how many prettysmiley edd's ur gonna find round here they're all pretty ugly!smiley

How much for all?

I have 1 Charlie level 4 on the market for 8000. Mention this ad in a PM and receive 200 off, while supplies last.

No, that's 26k worth for your 21k worth.

Wardog 3900

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