saturday 26/04/2008

and Katsuhkay

Kolos for vickie and jackie

I am lookin for leaders from 250- 700 clints sell privately post here wit ur offers

Um i thought i said close subject plz

Anybody who's trading Lulabee and Gabrielle for
Prince Jr 3x

Ill do that deal if u want?

Close this thread

Buying max :
yaman(below 200)
gastroboy(below 350)
phonos(below 350)
mario(below 200)
igniss(below 200)
tanner(below 300)
hammer(below 550)
giovanni(below 200)
sai san(below 300)
yusuke(below 300)
mojo(below 200)
alexei (below 300 if possible very urgent)

just pm me your offer just post for questions and pm for offers

I already accepted a trade. Mods can close this, please.

My ogoun kyu for 30k smileysmiley
jk depends on wat clan u play but single best card is as everyone else says vickie kenny jackie etc...

6800 Clintz for her. *Best deal on market*

You want these characters for less than half there worth?
In have them all but i'll past

friday 25/04/2008

Can you sell it to me now?smiley

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Note, Jon Ole cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
(and even if u could thats a very bad offer)

Close this forum, already sold.

Mods close this please

Does anyone have a jim cr that they would trade me??
if so pm me and we can negociate

Anyone have a Dean for sale? If so, please either post here or send me a message. A message will, of course, receive a quicker response. Thanks smiley

I agree with meinemene it will drop alot so dontwaste ur money

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