thursday 16/11/2017

88 of full xp hal gladiuses gone,

3 full xp and 99 0xp left!

I want to trade my Butcher Braxton 0xp (950k) for

Kalindra CR (730k) + 225k cash
Emeth CR (450k) + Sylth CR (490k)

The CRs can be any xp
PM Mr for a faster response, although you can also post here

Thanks! smiley

i want to trade my 109 Noctezuma Cr 0exp, 250k/u

Looking for:
Lyse Teria Cr (16m)
Guru Cr (15.5m)
#General Cr (14m)

I listen other offers

Thx smiley

Im not selling jim and i sold alla schatzi, sorry

wednesday 15/11/2017

I got ymirah cr 0xp I'm looking for the jackies

If you have pm me will buy for 1.6 mil or trade ymirah cr full or 0xp

3 serafina 0 xp +Kolos cr + 40k vs 2 caelus cr ok?


I sell 50 Heegrn Cr 0 xp 150k/t

Again, it seems to be a bug with Opera Browser. I apologize again, please delete this...

Meant to write this on french forum. Already notified a mediator to delete this. Sorry

Buying Corvus 0xp
Send me them via private sales, thank you.

I estimate the card around 5.3M, i would like to sell it for cliz or trade for playable cr like: kerozinn, vickie, lamar..

Hi, im looking for kiki cr ( real value is 13/14 millions) and i offer 8 million + cannibal jo cr (5.5mil) and schatzi (800k)

Lower the price at 4.5M

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