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saturday 06/09/2008

You'll need to go lower than that.

Novice, 1 characters out of 410... I have a feeling he's been banned

PLS close thread, already SOLD.. smiley

I want to buy a fantastic elo deck anyone

Ill buy one name ur price

There to dear for u

Ok i gt shakra so u name ur price

I am looking for cards for an elo deck no roots. e-mail me for sales. willing to negotiate.

Can you sell me olga for 1000 plz?!

I bought credits and got some nice cards name ur price or a card
i would like sharon lvl 1 purple and street background with Gangsta Underneathe the card

300 to 400 over market value

Both sold please close

Havok 3500

Cassio cr bought.. smiley

friday 05/09/2008

Ii mean i have 60k of clints as in 60,000

Um i gt a cr ombre cr

Buying sting and tyd pm me offers

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No way
they will not that lower price

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