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sunday 15/06/2008

saturday 14/06/2008

I got em all but i cant sell

Ill give u kenny and 20 k for all

I need a vickie

Anyone selling Graff for a good price?

I have the four card do you have cr

Do you need splata cr

Anybody else?

I can't sell it for more than 299 in the market hehe, anyone wanna it for elo?
If u interested offer me^

Note, icedog lee cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Looking for a someone to be my best mate to sell me some cheap cards of any clan just pm me

Il give alexi i need kenny

I have kolos

I will trade u kolos and lennox and dayton

Olga is going up in the market starting now. No one had much interest so i'm selling it there.

I will give rolph , hawkins , xu52

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