tuesday 22/04/2008

Link me who is he

I would exchange Zlatar and Janine (U) and some clintz for the Don (M). Tell me how much clintz you would like for the trade.

I know for a fact he doesn't have DJ Korr Cr or sum Sam Cr so this can all be ended. He doesn't have them and he WAS trying to scam.

Hi every one im buying some cards the cards im looking for are:
lolly(about 10)
john(about 15)
ben(as many as i can get)
denise (as many as i can get)
luba (about 5)
prince jr (as many as i can get)
ella(as many as i can get)
and a couple or nah boh

fnx everyone i do have clintz and cards to pay for this pm me or post here i will write bk daily so make your offers

fnx tinygerrard12

Yup i got swidz when he wasnt cr and and the price to kate was 460 ( becose he was uncomon and 4 star card )

and in market was 10.000 smiley

Why dont you tell us what you want fro it then!!

Why do you need them so badly? None of them are really good to play with, spend your money on other Nightmares for now like Kolos and Kenny.

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Any body selling Ashigaru for atleast 1000

Please sell it to me in private.smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

How to trade?

How to trade?

Can someone sell me freaks

I need a marco for a very cheap price or a half of them if you have just pm me or post it here

Plz message me if you have Anita and Alec For Sale I really needed it cheap...

Is anyone feeling generous enough to sell me cards for 50 to 500 clintz

Anyone offer me fang pi on my private

monday 21/04/2008

How much willyou pay for mrot bax?

Please close

Bought it from market close please


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