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friday 13/06/2008

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Mods plz close

All for 10000

TopMaddog what La Junta have you got; I'm interested

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Mod's please close

Just pm me to make it easyer

2k lol

thursday 12/06/2008

I'll but it for 2200 but 3000? u said cheaper

Do u have any other card for alec?

Name a price or a trade I have no other Crs so plz dont ask

Mods Lock this please

Sorry for the delay, i was out of town...
Here is the winner: PHDalques; Congratz!!smiley

See u next time!

I offer one of the following

Tessa Cr +15k = Elya Cr
Lamar Cr +10k = Elya Cr
Ombre Cr + 10k = Elya Cr
Ambrose Cr = Elya Cr +15k

PM me if you will accept any of those top offers. Again, I will offer 1 of those offers and only 1, though you may pick which one you prefer.

Only graff left.

I am auctioning 16 Laetitia all maxed . Starting bid is 10k. Post you offer here or just PM me.

For 3.8k, just private sale to me if you are interested

What will you give me for jane ramba

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Both the cards have already been sold but I'm waiting for the sale to go through.

Then just dreaming for that card smiley

Buying Noodle any lvl for 850cr
or trading for cards

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