thursday 24/04/2008

wednesday 23/04/2008

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No you can buy her for like 1000 now

He needs to BUY those cards. please read his posts.

No more Blaasters for sale ATM. People are silly. I sold 50 of them for 4900-5000 and only one person asked for the cheaper price from the forum. Oh well. smiley

Thread can be closed.

Looking for good bargains and auctions

Oh ok thnx everyone!!!!!!!!

I have a saddy,you give me other card for him

Mods plz close this thread

Don't ask a moderator to get inbetween before the trade. Keep the PM's and everything and then if you get ripped off talk to a moderator about it. Most likely scenario their account gets banned and you get your card and clintz back.

I want to buy your dieter in 2.5k. PM me

Its also alright to have a disclaimer. So if someone wins who you don't like or have had a bad relationship in the past you don't have to sell to them. You just have to state it in a orderly fashion like this.

*Disclaimer: I do have the right not to sell to any one I see fit. No noob offers are to be posted, example mikki for kolos is not accepted.*

Thats just a mini form of a disclaimer. You can add if you want a certain card to be involved if you want like so: I will only trade if kolos is involved and X amount of clintz. I will not trade for a kenny. I will sell how ever for X amount of clintz only,

Its also alright to include if its a auction, you have the right to end at anytime you see fit. Like if you think a 5k bid is suffice you can end the auction there and be done with it.

To sum it up I'll put it in a disclaimer for a example.

*Disclaimer: No noob offers are to be posted. I have the right to sell to anyone I see fit. If I feel like I want to end this at any time I will. I will only trade Kolos for a Kenny and X amount of clintz. I will not trade kolos for any other card. I will how ever sell Kolos for clintz only. When you post here you agree to read these rules and follow them.*

smileysmileyAlso be sure to list its level. If its maxed say it. I forgot to say it on the first post.smileysmiley

Hii everyone!
i am looking for cards level 4 , almost maxxed.
just sell it in private to me and i will see if it is good for me or not...
please take it seriously even gary is good (but i want better then estlat)



I need a 2 or 3 star of banger card(anything within 900,please that cards are ok or decent,pelase.)

Volth 390 000 clintz...I sould...

Aldebaran Cr per volth?

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