monday 07/04/2008

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Do u have xu52 methane leviatonn?
i cant trade but ill buy

Sold, please close

Willing to sell dean max level the auction´s small payment is 1000

Do you mean veenyle

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Sakura 240

Pls. mail me if you want to accept it.. pls.. i really need it..

Note, Pirate King J cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits). Is Any Body homeeeee smiley


Um vanter soz but can they be close to 0xp not maxed

Im Looking To Buy An Eve And A Ironfield For Cheap Prices Pm

Kindly pm me for thier prices thanks smiley

Thank you Geofree and to answer you question will depend on star. PM me with an price and I will let you know.

How do we trade?

Please close got cr i want

I have seldnor cr and geuner cr

I wan't a Striker card , Pls PM me.. thank you very much smiley

Sorry Tigger8, I was buying those Cr cards not selling them.

And I have already gotten what I wanted.

Please close this thread.


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