sunday 13/09/2009

Luck with your guild!

Our guild got deleted. Here's our new guild link.

Ya go Guild of Canada! Our Guild is the best. join now. smileysmileysmiley

New guild looking for players with good fairplay records.i dont care how many wins or losses youve had,so long as you can roll with the punches,ill be glad to have ya.

Hello welcome to UR any questions well do not hesitate to ask...Xavier52_XK

Do you speak english
are you on alot of the time
are you lv15 and over
are you a good player
if you are then join THE GUILD OF POWER

founder; mewtwo213

admins; snawboard, thecrazyone, hulkman

feel free to add any of us as a freind

I like himan but am more of a naruto guy

Just let me add your name in to a help build fourm in my guild yes or no?

Now you can join if level 28

Level 20+

saturday 12/09/2009

Great guild for new players to ur theres no lvl req at the moment a fun guild to be in

No thanks i destroyed the guild. But i am making a new guild so we keep in touch somehow... Since i can't pm u... Close please

friday 11/09/2009

Nice we sort of use mild language and have guide forums

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