sunday 26/11/2017

I will send my cards în PS smiley

Yup Ks pan you win!!!

Same here thank you all.


#kerozine Cr 0xp for auction starting at 50 Clintz ending time is 1:30 last bid accepted 1:30:59

I will value cards around the lowest on the market and reserve the right to limit the quantity I can accept of each card.

I accept:
Crs full/0xp


You got 6 for a good deal. Lol. On to the next!,

TIMO with the steal. Card coming your way. More to come shortly!!

saturday 25/11/2017

I can offer :
Selsya /cr 0 xp
13 x Romana 0 xp
A Award Cr 0 xp
Ongh Cr 0 xp

I will close the subject when I buy. Thanks! smiley


I buy Butcher Braxton 0xp or Full Xp for 1M/1.1M for my collection (1 Copy).

Thanks! smiley

29 max xp
66 0 xp

95 total

10k each

I was thinking somewhere around 84 clintz

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