friday 06/06/2008

Mods please close sold already

Wat store

How mcuh?

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I need 3 rubies = 3 uranus
note any level of ur rubies wil do

Hey everybody im looking for any good cards that i can get here way cheaper than i can get on the market, if anybody has a allstar or gheist card they could sell to me for cheap i will be willing to buy, that is if i have enough money at the time smiley right now i have about 600 clintz and im working for more and doing tourneys... i am also willing to trade any of my cards for yours( i dunno why you would want my cards though) so if you have any unwanted allstars or gheist please sell here thanks smiley

I have a miss chole

12000 clintz and well talk

Forget this fourm mods please close


Pam and tanner

thursday 05/06/2008

Buying vladimir for 600

Make it 16k and its a deal

I can sell u kenny for 20,000 clintz maxed out

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Can sum1 trade me for ndololo cr

Ill battle u

I´ll buy it for the lowest price you post

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