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sunday 23/11/2008

Mods close this plz

I have 10 806 clintz now..

Plss i wan't Lea and Mark for cheap

I have a a Kerry what else can u trade me

Please close items bought

Can't you level up by yourself?
i could level it up for u if u want

Dont resurrect dead threads... its almost 3 months since the last post >.<

I'm planning to level up my Dwain Cr (Cr) 0xp, but I figured someone might want it in exchange for their maxxed copy.

I don't need a big compliment on the trade, I just don't want to be at a loss with the 5% comission Kate gets in trades. So if you sell me your maxxed Dwain Cr (Cr) for 50 clintz and buy my 0xp for 60 clintz that would be fine by me.

First one to take the offer gets the trade.

I will buy it 1200.

Thak-you all are sold =]
Close mod please

saturday 22/11/2008

Ty ShaphireShine for kerozinn
plzz close mods

I have 40k Clintz and an ungodly amount of cards. The current price is a little much so please send me a reasonable offer.

Sold, close please

I'll buy for 30k

Ty ShAaM for the deal on splata
plz close mods

Close please

I Want To But Nobrodroid For 6000 Clintz . Please I Really Need Nobrodroid . Please !!!

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