sunday 18/05/2008

14 messages i have the time to make the most of my time..i will write the price..(the price is taken at 2pm NZ time)

Lennox (U)850
Saddy (R) 2895

Fang Pi
Lost Hog (C) 3800

Boris (R)2000
Soushee (C)1180
Wolfgang (U) 875

Gibson (C)1445
Malmoth (U)965
Rowdy (R)2500
Veenyle (C)2200

La Junta
Bryan (R)2900
Burger (U)1150
Jane Ramba (U)2988
Python (R)1495
Uxoh (R)1295

Dieter (C)3500
Glorg (U)2498
Hel (C) 2199
Ielena (R)3666
Kolos (R)14999
Nistarok (R)4495
Sheitane (U)2500

Baby Q (R)2200
Clara (R)2410
Dolores Boss (C)1300
Elly Mae (R)1199

Hax (U)3400
Kerry (R)7200
Lobo (U)950
Marco (R)9999

Kiki (R)3800
Noodile (C)850
Ratanah (U)1590
Shakra (U)3750

GraksmxxT (R)5794
Uranus (U)2100

Miranda (U)1390
Skiner (C)1295

Ulu Watu
Buck (R)2330

All price equals to 113952

so i offer
splata cr 47999
elya cr 66500
to make up the 547 clints difference i add 547 clints.smiley

so pm me if you want this deal..smiley


Can someone sell me Eyrton for 1000?

If u have some all stars sell it to me

note: i only buy the good all stars not the bad ones lol

Mods please close

I will give you vickie for ambrose cr

He will buy not selling

10 messages

@2gi:Send me a message and ill think bought it
@TDDP:What ??

I was ripped off close this please

saturday 17/05/2008

For 200 Clintz please! I'm poor here in Urban.smiley

I can't help you out, but 'no xp' is often referred to as 0xp. Good luck finding a seller.

Enzo cost 1k?

Mods please close this this is from 1/23 smiley

Hello anymore offers and please read before you post lol

Ok im looking for Zdrone but ive only got 590clintz

15 messages

Mods can u close this this is from 3/19 nearly three months ago

With this post back to the top of the list xD

I have mickie

I think they do it is just no one is willing to part with their kolos for that maybe try french forums u might have better luck there

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