wednesday 04/06/2008

Lokinf for a wanda with 0 xp

Im selling lea for 1k 0xp

if you choose to exchange i would prefer AllStar or uppers cards

What ? that depends on the level and for a buit cheaper please

What the heck???? Shouldn't this thread be closed because it's not in English? I mean I have no problem with other countries' players posting in our english board, but shouldn't they make and attempt at english?

Mods please close.

Mod plz close i bought credits

Hi! My name is Charles and always wanted a cr. smiley Please can anyone trade me for one? Pm me if you will. Whoever gets me my first cr will get any good card i come across. im looking for kerrizon cr miss twice cr genreal cr splata cr or any other good one. pm me please.

I wanna buy Splata Cr full xp less expensive than the market.

Please send me a message if you want sell me this card.


Sold mod pls close

NVM Sold
request a lock

If you agree, you can send me vansaar in private sale for 500 clintz, then i will buy it.

Mods close this he has one already.

All cards are sold mods please close

C'mon, Blaaster. This post is 4 months old. There's no reason to bring it back to life.

I want to buy Miss Ming 0xp lvl 1 for 200 clintz each need at least 10

Sorry guys my codes were gone mods pls close

Pm me if interested

Opps.. I meant.. Please close this thread for I no longer need it.. Thanks

Sorry bout that.. I thought I was in the guild forum is can simply close the thread.. smiley smiley

Close this....he was sold in the market

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