tuesday 27/05/2008

Mods please close i sold the cards

I'm selling Ricardo and Tyler for anyone who wants them. PM me with your offer.

If you hated her som much you'd sell her for less!smiley

Also i have Lulabee lvl1 smiley

Hi im selling lamar Cr if the price is right.,

rite or ppm me offer

For now I have 450 Clintz.

Bump to the first page!

Shes s0ld please close

How much for Ielena?

Level one Gwen is worth at least 1.8k smiley
No one wants to lose clintz ...

How much for the wolfgang?

Can anybody sell me lelena can't buy it at the market only got 2000 Clintz. so can some really nice person sell it to me for that amount please.


i will acept some money or some rare cards

BUMP! smiley
I belive he doesn't care about the level smiley

Discount plsssssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Can someone pls sell my their methane any lvl for 3k ? pls

I hav it wot will u buy it 4

Dude you can already sell on market............

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