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tuesday 18/11/2008

Ive sold Marco

Buy Alec 5.5k,plz pm me

Grasmaxxt is 6k and steve is only 3k

I'll buy Shakra at any good offers, i won't make an offer 'cuz less people will likely sell him to me. The best offer that I want will be the deal I'll get.

Sorry forgot to close this, i got Nellie already!

Trading 0 xp Yayoi for Shakra and Arno

Just message me if you want to start a trade!

......anyone lol....plz i still need all of them..smiley

15 FOR 100 EACH

monday 17/11/2008

Any SENSIBLE offers?

Ill buy otavia for 1500 if someone wanna sell Privete sale me smiley

InnerHellhound cant sell

I'm buying Vansaar under market price.

Buying kenny for 15k post here or pm me, thanks

I'm looking to buy a Splata Cr. In exchange for a full exp Splata Cr, I will contribute the following (they are the same on the current market):
a 0 exp vickie cr
a 0 exp chikko cr
and full exp of the following:
B Ball

There will be chances for negotiation as well. Thank you.

I am willing to buy Kenny and Kolos for 30K together

Thanks my friend = )

you can negoc if you want = D

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