wednesday 16/04/2008

Ill bye ella 200 clintz

Pm me for offers.good ones pleasesmileysmileysmileysmiley

Now for 20k.

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Please this thread, I have already bought one on the market.

Thank you.

I want 2000C buy one Rosa Card.

I'm looking for a Kerry around 4000. I'm willing to go a little higher, just not at the 4,800 that everyone on the market seems to be crazy about -_-

I wan't Rosa and Edd , I wan't pay 4000C total . if you wan't sell to me .pls pm me , thank you very much. smiley

Flesh Pimp - 500 Clintz
Murphy - 1000 Clintz
Simon - 270

Not Leveled Please ..


30 000 Cltzs + Eyrik for your Splata Cr

pm if you are ok!!

tuesday 15/04/2008

Woops i meant 2.4k sry that was a little much

I have sigmund cr in max level too if you want send offers

Sorry to anybody who wanted it, but I've sold one of them (And I wanted to keep the other).
Mods, please close this.

Title saya it(crassus)

40k for tessa
PM me if you accept.

Mods close this thread

My vaansar is lvl 4 now please take it for lvl 5 vaansaar i need 2 train my cards

I just put to sell in public. thx for all

I am looking to buy rescue cards for a very cheap price if you can help me out please pm me with your offer.


I dono if this is a good deal but do wanna trade ill give you hattori (R) erika (R) rosa (R) for a kolos

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