tuesday 15/04/2008

Sorry to anybody who wanted it, but I've sold one of them (And I wanted to keep the other).
Mods, please close this.

Title saya it(crassus)

40k for tessa
PM me if you accept.

Mods close this thread

My vaansar is lvl 4 now please take it for lvl 5 vaansaar i need 2 train my cards

I just put to sell in public. thx for all

I am looking to buy rescue cards for a very cheap price if you can help me out please pm me with your offer.


I dono if this is a good deal but do wanna trade ill give you hattori (R) erika (R) rosa (R) for a kolos


Please close

Looking to buy a leviatonn... post ur prices, or pm me,

BuyinG Ottavia For 3400...

smiley, Private Sales...

Thank You

I have all but steve and alec

End plz no offers and i already sold some cards

This is a really old post 25/11 .. i doubt its still correct/active

should be closed.

Looking to buy a mona for around 1.6k - 1.7k

so who wants to help me out here ?

monday 14/04/2008


..you can close.. either or delete this topic. pointles for it to stick around anymore.

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1000 1credit

I am looking for a Kolos (R) at about 10,500 Clintz.
Price may be negotiable.
Please PM me if you would like to make/negotiate a trade.
Thank you.

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