thursday 15/05/2008

pm me with offers

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Note, freakof nature cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

Then u should know zatman is a staple card for uppers deck
why do u think uppers is one of the most powerful clan in elo?

Will trade my maxxed lulabee to a *4 lulabee ..and also trading my havok to shakra and noodile..

0- invoker


It would be easier for you to post the 5* that you are willing to trade rather than for the rest of us to figure it out.

Ill take your offer

Deal pm weirdjake

wednesday 14/05/2008

Someone help me out please?

Looking to buy Morphun at around 8k if want more just ask.

I buying allstars up to 1500

Sos i've got Kati.

Need ombre for 20,000 clintz and cards to fill in rest of money vaule (level 1 no exp would be nice)

Im in and hope i win

What level is Don?

Buying now for 6k.

Like the title says I'm looking to buy Lea and Anita from rescue, say your price and I'll pm you if I accept.

8.7 for 0ne

Please close.

B ball

300-450 clintz

Also trading Dragan Cr. I'm willing to add 35k in exchange for Marlysa Cr.

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