sunday 13/04/2008

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Rass for 500

Soz already gone

Hax 1k

Lvl 5 2000 clintz deal or no deal?

I think this thread is a little bit old the post date says 20/06

B>leviatonn for 7.5k

1000 for wardog

S/T> alec elvira and steve all max

Ok thanks guys now i will know

It was made by drapht which then became ground zero which then became soulja

Skrumxxt 2k

Hikiyousan 1k

How much

I got my marina from eric c.close plz

take a chill pillsmiley

Nevermind mods pls close. smiley

O alright, well just so you know, I doubt there's anyone here in the english forum with that many clintz lying around that doesn't already have a Marlysa Cr, but who knows, hope you get the dealsmiley

Im buying gheist the ones i want are methan, dr. saw, z3r0 d34d,and bristone
offers here or message me

Mods please close i got one

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