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friday 06/06/2008

You should just wait till the price drops in a couple weeks. Right now you can barely afford one of them and that is with you trading most of your cards and buying with all of your clintz. patience,

First you stole my thing, and now you are trying to steal people's cards, get some brains you retard

Try adding more clintz he cost 56k right now you 11k off

I have Marco & willin to throw in 20,000
For A Award CR or Skullface CR

or any other CR....i have 15 CRs....message me if you are interested

At any LV

Selling max original kenny 21k

???? funny prices though... you wont fool anyone

Please close

50k for a code.


i'm not buying U/R/CR

well i might buy U but it depends on the price smiley

so please do sell me your cheap Sentinel ( i also prefer them to have no xp )

5 messages

Please close

willing to haggle smiley
pm plz

How much for graksmaxxt

Man it gotta be Bangers bcuz Bangers r cool

12k for a quick sale today?

Buying Kolos, offering 12,000

I need Freaks too

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