friday 24/11/2017

-1 #Kerozinn Cr full 2.400k / h
-1 Reine Cr full 1.320k
-1 Dwain Cr 0xp 570k
-1 Ombre Cr 1.300k

no more cash sorry smiley

Ram takes it with a bid of 2.95m

Omg. It better be a globb.smiley

I am having fun!!! smiley
Nothing to do else

He was well into the accepted time. I have another auction up if you want to give it another go

thursday 23/11/2017

100 Dianzi 0xp 11k /e

Im buying 1 lee long any xp for 60k
If interested send Ps or Pm

Sry, again, a bug with Opera Browser. I don't really know what is it...

So .. i just got skullface CR, its like something that i dont want from collector box .. so ive been thinking for some exchange here if can

Can add 100k+ clintz and sweet if want

Are there other collectors you're interested in? (:

I value serafine at 380k


Gil Cr 0xp (255k)
Spyke Cr 0xp (185k)
Toro Cr 0xp (185k)
C Dusk 0xp (35k)
Karl 0xp x1 (118k)
Miloz 0xp x2 (33k)
Nausicaa 0xp (20k)
Arantxa 0xp x5 (26k)
Cindy 0xp x5 (29k)
Floyd 0xp x2 (15k)


Schatzi 0xp (800k)
Judge Lynch 0xp (250k)
Shao Xue 0xp (65k)

I close, pm if interested.


I am lookig for 8 Dounia Mt 0 xp

Each trade can be realise only 1 time :

18 Lost Hog Cr 0 xp +60k vs 1
8 Kinichaw Cr 0 xp +100k vs 1
10 Drakorah Cr 0 xp +100k vs 1
6 Rowdy Cr 0 xp +180k vs 1
17 Heegrn Cr 0 xp vs 1
7 Shaakarti Cr 0 xp +170k vs 1
7Dr Copernica Cr 0 xp +100k vs 1
6 Noctezuma Cr 0 xp + 120k vs 1
2 Uchtul Cr 0 xp + Graksmxxt Cr full + 70k vs 1
1 Kerozin cr full +2 Graksmxxt Cr full + 30k vs 2
1 Marlysa Cr 0 xp + 1 Dr Copernica Cr 0 xp vs 2
1 Rass Cr 0 xp +10k vs 2
2 Thaumaturge Cr 0 xp + Jackie Cr full xp + Graksmxxt Cr full xp + 80k vs 2

THX in advance, mp me if u got lots !

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