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friday 02/02/2018

Note: This thread will be locked to acknowledge that you have completed the deal as mentioned.

The cards i need :

Cannibal Jo Cr
Nemo MT
Sum Sam Cr
Shawoman Cr
Elya Cr
Berserkergirl Cr
Flavio Cr
Reine Cr
Butcher Braxton
Maana Cercei

I am paying in Djengo 0xp . I value them 100k each.
Just pm me and tell me how many you want for your card.
I am accepting your card in any exp.

No lnger need shinobi and roderick

I will trade u a Lysa teria for dj korr

Please place a value on your collection

Freaks like coppy
vortex only behemoth and dregn like coppy all other only only one coppy

he won smiley

Looking for wolf.

I have nemo full xp :
like offers smiley

thursday 01/02/2018

50 pieces for sale' 0xp
15 k pieces

Only judges shuti sorry

Also willing to take Xantiax Robb + Tessa + Maana Cercei = 3M + 3M + 700K = 6.7M. You'd be earning some clintz.

Oh yes i see,sorry!

Hi, i am looking the next cards:
Guru Cr (21M)
#Lyse Teria Cr (22M)
Vickie Cr (3.5M)
For those cards i offer 6 Nemo Mt 0exp (8M each one).
Thats all, thanks!

Hi im looking to sell/trade my Rass Cr 0xp, im open for offers.
Im most interested in:
butcher braxton
Maana Cercei
Judge Lynch
Or a good offer

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