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friday 06/06/2008

I will buy one of these cards:
Vryer, Lilith, Meyen, Brutox, Gheistling, Morlha, Igniss,


Exchange reine cr full xp for elya cr maxxed

For the price of only 100 clintz, i will train any of your cards. if you r interested send me a private message.

Please close this forum
already bought from the market

Got rhed..
now i need hawkins

Tora plz sell me

Windy Mor-600 Level 3
Sakazuki-899 Level 2

I'll Buy Uranus for 2000-2100
pm me

I'm looking for a fully leveled Aldebaran Cr for my collection. I have many rares, some Crs and a pile of clintz. I can afford her on market currently, but am looking for a slightly reduced price. If anyone is willing to sell or trade, please PM me.

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Oops sorry i thought if i buy 1 pack of cards i will be able to sell.. nvm.. ill try again next time.. sorry guys.. mod pls close this topic.. thanks.

I canot use paypal or bank acc..bcause im still a child........so...stll got any way to get it?

3.3k for rubie

Oh no srry i dont need a baby q

Mods please close sold already

Wat store

How mcuh?

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