saturday 29/03/2008

Sorry this is close please close this thread
and in here i am the one buying

friday 28/03/2008

As I saw on the french forum, it should be back on saturday

I could sell you my lvl 1 kolos for 10.9k

Mods, please close. Similar posts have had no replies...thx

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I have two tanavaera i can sell you one for 11k.

Do you have carts of la junta?

Selling lamar cr for 50000clintz

I am willing to trade any doubles of CR's I have or any doubles of cards.

Sadly I have no splata's right now.

1.5k I know is about avg for gwen I have seen them as low as 1k but 1.5 is a fine avg for me.

I am looking for as many as I can get my hands on I have armand if you have a level 1 gwen but I would want gwen +500 clintz as armand sells for a little over 2k

I have over 1800 cards so... asking me who I will give you is redundant. Feel free to ask for something.

Yeah im buying la junta cards and if im not allowd to plz dont shoot me down

Please PLEASE stop this is like number 5 mods how do you do it just let anything in.

People have told you far more then once no one will do it.


That pretty much says it all, huh!

Avant guard..stop scamming

Ground: not that many, trust me smiley

Freebies would be
if you register automatically you can sell on the market

Very true, ppl should try and figure things out on their own before buggin..... smiley

Pfft this is retarded... you offered the card in an auction... you have your offers and you're not going to oblige to your own auction... you even said Souliz is winning, I suggest you sell him the card if he wins so you don't end up with bad reputation!

I'm looking to buy either or both of these 2 cards, let me know what your prices are or trades you want exactly and I'll see what I can do!

Close this thread please smiley i got my card...smiley

Please close this thread.

Eyrik -1 opp power min 5 would go gr8 with either all stars, bangers or ulu watu

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