thursday 28/02/2008

Ive got a 3* Noodile

Soori quick sale its gone s0o close these thread plz

Kenny's priced dropped below thurmatugre's.wonder why storm whisperersmiley

I also have esmeralda for Sale at 360

Close this thread please

Thanks Raven smiley, you can close this thread. smiley

Buying mona for 300 clintz. messge me

Looking to buy a Lamar for under 11.5k. Please pm with offers.

Mods please close this...

Hi i m lookin for Miss twice collector card.... will pay good but little less than the present market price... please msg me if u willing to sell me...

no probs if its maxxed or wateva...


Note, mamavidaeba cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I'm looking to buy either XU52, Leviathon, Charlie (non maxed), Yayoi, Dieter, Ielena, or Kolos. Got any of em? And how much?

What I have to trade at the moment is: Willy, Na Boh, Miss Chloe, Vermyn N, Blaaster, Bodenpower, Saddy, Ambre, Uranus, Juicy Lord, Graff

Ure not going 2 get estalt for kati

Oh lol really? That blows.

Forgot to mention that I'm selling Na Boh.
I'll take offers on Gwen 0xp then since 350 doesn't seem to cut it smiley.

Ill offer u 20 razors

Changed my mind only people in the silent angel can bid

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