wednesday 09/04/2008

I'm selling a fully leveled jane Ramba for 2000 clintz.....

I got marco lvl2 with some experience if you want pm me i want 9k for it

Hmmm good idea will be to say what price you whant for themsmiley

20k for miss twice

Whoops i didn't mean kolos, i meant nistarok, pm me how much u want for nistarok, k sry about the mix up smiley

I want to buy a kerry.the level dont matter. a little below market price Pm if you have doubles of her

tuesday 08/04/2008

Yea i will sell u her for 6k

How much 4 armand or kinjo

How much will u buy him for?

Sigh OMG yall have issuses y once i sell him yall want to bid that BS ALL THA WAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Hi like the title says i am after these three cards, cant afford all at once though!!
I am looking to trade all Ghiest except crs and all off Ulu Watu except Buck and Crs


I am looking for someone to sell me Zoltan for 600 clintz I am willing to pay a little bit more if anyones interested

I already have acid dc sorry

Evolved hugo for unevolved ashigaru

I got hattori
xia leming
windy moor

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