wednesday 27/02/2008

Is your Guener Cr maxxed or 0exp or in between?

I've acquired Splata. Only interested in Marlysa Cr at this point. The Ombre Cr and Nahi Cr are still available to trade; Miss Twice Cr and Selsya Cr are gone.

Mods please close this thread. I'm making a trade for it as we speak

tuesday 26/02/2008

How much will u give me for kolos

Another 2 page has added it's now 6 page at level 1 smileysmileysmiley

Damn it I wish I wouldn't have bought those roots cr's

Cause no one´s interested, i´ll just but my cards on the market.

Mods, you can close this thread now.

I am selling the following cards msg me the price u offering:
Valdimir lvl 4 (U)
Rass lvl1 (R)
Wolfgang lvl 4(U)
Vasili lvl 4 (U)
Vladimir lvl 5 (U)

Any 1? plz!

Oh!! sorry i "trade" , i don't "exchange" lol thanks oackley! smiley

Do u really have an extra kenny talk to me on my messages

Thanks but dont have 1k iv put on open market now

I'll trade you a lamar and a couple thousand clints?

@meme, well i know i'm begging for people to give me free money but i realy don't have much clintz to spare and i only got Kerozinn Cr. Unless you are willing to trade them for each other, i guess i can't really do anything...smiley

monday 25/02/2008

Dont have much money so who could help and sell Kolos for 8-10k? please help

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Someone close this thread.

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1650 for timer!smiley

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