saturday 04/11/2017

Your Hawks to exchange for my Big 5s, Top end Crs, etc. For a 2500 batch, I will pay 65 per copy.


My Jackie full +50k for 0xp. Possible 13 times!!!

friday 03/11/2017

For my Kiki 4*

smiley broke I might just have to sell serafina since I don't use rescue anyway.

I can accept another cr smiley

I buy 2* and 3* cards with 0xp for 650 clintz each card.

For example: Wardog, Angelina, Hawkins Noel, Winston, Winston, Morgan, Brandon, Allan, Deebler .......
The main thing is that I need 2* and 3* cards with 0xp (lvl 1).

Send them to my private sales please.
Thank you smiley smiley

The staff is working on it. Avoid buying cards for now.

Same issue with me . First I bought tsubame, but it didn't appear in my collection . With the help of a moderator I got this card. And now I bought joy but again this one also missing from collection.

3 Splata Cr 0 xp 2060000/t
2 Ymirah 0 xp 1 350 000/t
1 Dwain Cr 0 xp 400000
140 Delta 0 xp 1000/t
70 Alice0 1000/t
60 Ichiko0 3000/t
100 Trey 0xp 2000/t
100 Cletus 0xp 13800/t
53 Padre frollo 0xp 5000/t

Cortez 0xp 100000
Kerry 0xp 95000
Serafina 0xp 350000
Bloodh 0xp 47000
Choko 0xp 3000


thursday 02/11/2017


i want to sell:

50x maana cercei 0exp 475k/u
50x Quetzal 0exp 500k/u

By ps, thx smiley

wednesday 01/11/2017

Sold to Timo for 433 300 clintz!

50 Mechakolos Cr 0xp - 270k/t
40 Dagg Cr 0xp - 160k/t

Jackie 0xp 850k/t
Marlysa 0xp 2.3m

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