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thursday 25/01/2018

wednesday 24/01/2018

4 minutes left; snipers ?

Sell 2 Butchers for 600 k/u.

Only cash.

Pm smiley

Blaaster full + mechakolos full + 20k

Sell him for 2.25 m

Send dm for sales

I change:
4 my cr (like spiaghi, diego, lin bee...) for 1 of your Newell 0xp or Judge Lynch 0xp
you can take my cr and sell to kate at 50k each one without the tax and make 200k
i can do 20 times smiley

Looking for Butcher Braxton + Impera Sloan/Roderick.

I will make up the difference in Clintz.

My #dounia my 0xp + #nemo cr full + Mona Cr 0xp for ur #cannibal Jo cr any xp

tuesday 23/01/2018

Reserve price not met so this topic will be closed

I am stilll lookingsmiley

I offer kiki cr for lyse tiera cr + 2

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