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friday 26/01/2018

Trading Emeth Cr 0xp + 120k for Zatman Cr and Lizbeth Cr smiley

As the title suggests, looking for a straight trade.

My 0 xp Butcher Braxton got your 0xp Serafina.

PM me or comment below.

Up, shoot me a PM with any offers.

Bad idea to sell her 1m5 smiley
np u don't ruin anything

i need a lot of nemo cr 0 xp i can offer Mt some Schatzi some Big 5 etc !
mp me

thursday 25/01/2018

Kavin wins, sending now bud

Hello, humans. Today I'm willing to trade 8 copies of #Lizbeth Cr 0xp (which I value at 550k, dissociable). Looking for the following cards (any xp) in lots if possible:

Bristone (18,5k)
Niqiloda (3k)
Elvira (25k)
Yookie (7k)
Rico (8.9k)
Ojibway (11.5k)
Kenjy (.7k)
Molder (.9k)
Reeplay (1.4k)
Pr Hartnell (4k)
Octana (13k)
Lola (45k)
Wilde (24k)
Redra (3.5k)
Jay (28k)
Liam (.7k)
Aylen (8k)
Danae (.9k)
Tomas (22k)
Sasha (16k)
Manfred (7k)
#Sandro (1k)
Cley (1.4k)

Feel free to post your offers or contact me by PM. I don't have a max amount of copies of certain card. My estimations are based on current market price smiley

Auction is Closed and kavinsylvester takes it with a bid of 3,420M!
Thank you everyone for participating
Thread will be closed

Let’s do it

How do I #Charlie ?

In my list clintz is above CRs and newell smiley id have clitnz over them 2

Reserve price not met, auction will be closed

Hi, Im looking for a Selsya Cr, I can offer 850k clintz. smileysmileysmiley

Hi, i would trade my Cobb full exp for Mr Big Duke, C0re and Silvano any exp.

I have:
40 Noodile Cr
10 Kolos Cr
10 Edd Cr
6 Ongh Cr
3 Graksmxxt Cr
1 Tessa Cr
1 Splata Cr
1 Sylth Cr
And some others

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