sunday 23/03/2008

If anybody has any doubles from the la junta clan i could use them desperately. I only have 450 clints though smiley i understand im probably asking too much but if anybody has any of these cards that they are looking to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated... plz don't flame me for this kind of post and thank you to anybody who responds.
War Dog
Jane ramba
No Nam

smileysmileysmiley no offers smileysmileysmiley

Traded. close this one up.

saturday 22/03/2008

I am buying Na Boh for 1042 clintz. Please and thank you. smiley


Its only worth 3.4k

Well if you know market value then you know what a stupid price would be. But just to answer the question more than 2k. I probably wont pay 2k but that should help set a price for negotiations.

Dude i doubt someone will sell it to you at the price

You can't be too surprised that no one is wanting to sell at your price when they could get 5k more on the market. Since Tessa is a CR her price will only continue to rise. You're in a large guild and might have better luck posting your want ad there.

Sorry please close this already sold

Buying tanaereva 10000-11000
wee lee for watever u offer

This subjet is close, the cards are selled, thanks.

Ok smiley
mod please close this thread, I got the deal


Check ure PS smiley

This post was almost more than a month ago when it was at 10k... i don't have it anymore...

Pm me your bids....smiley

So please close this subject

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