tuesday 25/03/2008

Selling dorain 4 3800 clintz or tradeing 4 a meg Dolores Boss and Tania

ill exept other offers tat are equal to or add up to 3800

cheers bb16

My Clara for rubie
my Graff for rubie

That was uncall for dragula...

I got 2 kolos

monday 24/03/2008

Aw sorry Staticcold *hugz* smiley

Some people are either A)Ridiculously ignorant B)Ridiculously Obnoxious C)Ridiculously Persistant on A and B

I'll pick C xD

I'm looking to buy/trade for a marlysa Cr, I will be paying with Clints and other Cr cards please private message me if you are intrested in making a deal. Thank you for your time.

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Please read my post before posting here

at time of posting lowest market price for max is 1.4k (that isn't me (1.35k)) so forgive me if the price moves by the time you read this

Timmy 31900
hugo 4000

Close please

Espically junks pussycats ulu watu and phang pi clan

I would like him lower than market please, otherwise there's not much point in buying privately, is there? smileysmiley

I'll take trade offers too, but I don't have much around his range. Closest would be Gaia, but I'd be happy to offer some clintz too smiley

Feel free to PM any offers. It might take a day or two for me to reply though. I'm not on much smiley

Can anyone sell to me jackie for 10000clintz.........or..........vickie for 18000clintz???please be kind.......

Nirvash, you basically want 4k off of the price.


Note, ecco1324 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I was wanting to buy jackie and other uppers. Give me your price and ill see if i like it

Oh ok
i have one and i dont want him

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