monday 24/03/2008

Please close page is sold

Page has been sold

Its gone. can u close this thread? thx

sunday 23/03/2008

I have Juicy Lord maxxed.

Give the prices you'll sell them to me ill probably buy if its a good one thankssmiley

SkrumxxT I'll buy it for 4k smiley

But what's the point of having 8 kolos and wanting collectors??? that does you know good to play with unless it's a double account meant for collecting xD

Ill trade with u private message me mise full evolved my chad bread cr

Lol this is real funny. I wana buy but ive already bought it

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Sorry i only have Vladimir & Frankie Hi left guys
rest have been sold.

Hey mods, can you teach this guy to NOT SPAM the community?? he made around 4 topics about the same

How much 4 ombre cr

Vansaar is gone

For 2800 clintz

Yeh i got a timber!! how much u buying for?

I will buy it for 2800 clintz PRIVATE SELL ME IF U WANTsmiley


pm your offer

Who is it going to

Sandy s worth about 200c

If anybody has any extras of any of these i would really mean a lot to me... i am a noob though and i only have 450 clintz so i realize i might be asking to much. If anybody could help me out that would be really cool and thx to anybody who reads this

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