friday 14/08/2009

And if yur wonderin concrete roots has nothing to do with the clan so join anyway , we know where yu live

thursday 13/08/2009

Please close

Pm me if u let me join your guild but it has to be active and helpful

Urban Info is the official guild for the fan site. The site is dedicated to providing card data, statistics, guides, and tools. We're accepting new members and would love to have you!

Come join at:

10th now N we ain't even a full house!

Come one come all this is the guild for you we are a friendly fun family atmosphere! We are always looking for new friends so come join the fun and taste the blood from the blade of the Poisoned Dagger!

wednesday 12/08/2009

Join if you can't join guild:651691

Please Closae this thread thank you

Rubo11 please use the one you made yesterday smiley

tuesday 11/08/2009

Please close.

Joiny joiny and get some free raisins we have tourneys, events, free avatar making by wize, jokes, and one of the most active forums in UR

Guild of rejects the guild for you.

Just to let you know, this guild no longer exists according to that link.
This should be closed then.

Rubo11 you already have a recruitment thread, please use it smiley



(last part of this dream...)

Suddenly, as the boy puts on a headdress, the skeleton stands up and roars, the girl running away, the boy not far behind. The mummy runs after them and then they run along passages, sometimes we see the police still in pursuit of the aunt and the old gentlemen following, then the mummy giving chase to the boy until we see the boy huddled back in the throne room and flicks a switch, which opens a secret door. The aunt falls in, as does the two detectives, then the gentlemen, then the girl, the boy and finally the mummy. They all slide down a purple tube, which appears to look like a tourist attraction and they all clash within a small cage at the end, the door shutting behind them.
That is the end of the dream.

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