monday 13/11/2017

I have a swidz Cr 0xp (850k)

What I'm looking for :


PM with a offer,

Ymirah is full, i accpet xantiax full or 0xp is the same

My Xantiax Robb Cr (0 XP) for Ymirah Cr (0 xp) ORRR My Xantiax Robb Cr (0 XP) for Credits + Ymirah Cr (Any XP)

Please reply with messages, open to offers.

sunday 12/11/2017

OH crap i was in eng forum loL sorry closing thread now

Your post is a "sell/trade" with a specific price..if i am the first that accpet the deal i think that there is not a phase of casting of the buyers in which you choose the most beautiful..

Ok, last offer 650k for Newell 0xp.

I value kerozinn at 2m-2.5m though so i still have to pass sorry smiley

Haha, it is not broke. Deal complete.

I'm looking to trade my Thaumaturge Cr 0XP (750k CMP) for Nahi Cr (569k CMP) + a difference of around 150k (negotiable).
For the difference I could consider also Cards: mostly Cr (like Grudj Cr) or expensive one (like Marina, Mokra or Romana).

Deal complete. Thank you all

Have kerozinn and butcher braxton to trade

Thank you, people are still bidding. Haha

Complete thank you both!! Again this would be fun UR sponsored. Contact me

Your choice although you already gave too much today so i kinda recommend just doing an event for your guildmates for the sister but it's your card so idk

Ok samuelpavo, trade accepted! I'm waiting forum the cards smiley

Complete, next round?

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