monday 17/03/2008

I will buy it for 700-800 deal ??

Yeh mabey the code you are typing insnt right! double check
also doulbe check that u type the right phone number lol
but that is only for mobile is that how u are buying??

I have 10k here./

anyone wanna sell me some gheist cards
like methane,zero dead.leviatonn

i dont accept stupid offers like" selling zero dead for 5k"

You need more clintz,

smileyplease close


2 things wrong
1. u havent bought credits so u cant trade
2. its unfair by about 400
sorry to tell u smiley

26k !!

Svelthlana (C) for 100
Amy (C) for 180
John (U) for 240
Erpeto (C) for 250
Molly (U) for 150
Mario (U) for 180
Niki (C) for 80
Tafa (C) for 140
Esmeralda (U) for 200
Please sell me right away if you accept my price(not negotiable)[low on clintz]

Eve and Tanner are sold

sunday 16/03/2008

This subject is closed! smiley

Do you want clintz for it?

Awsome i didnt know pie was made of flour

lol j/k smiley

Note, yuvalm cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Yes , i have same question

I dont have alot of clintz and was wondering if anybody could sell me these two maxxed for 700 - 750 each

Can a Moderator lock this.

Dash is already below the market price so sorry

I have a kenny

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