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friday 11/04/2008

Ummm.... dude, if you're posting in the English forum you have maybe a 1% chance anyone even HAS a DJ Korr Cr and much less that they'd trade/sell it. Marlysa Cr is better odds, but still the likelyhood is around 0.000001% IMHO

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If morphun is only 1 unfair also
the owner of kolos will lose maybe 2000 clintz(i need 2000 Clintz)
so money is wasted

I hav a friend who is willin to pay 11 k for him

30 000? in the market its only 20k .. if its 18k ill buy it

Buying windy mor and yusuke.. im buying 400 each.. smiley

Clost this please mods i sold them

thursday 10/04/2008

All Ulu Watu But Ob P Sales

Im trying to buy the Xia Leming card. PM if anyone is interested in selling it.

Im buying a Kerry a little bit cheaper than the market or im also willing to trade cards

No he is saying those are how much there cards cost


I'm trying to get a Vickie (with 0xp) But I could not afford the high prices in the market. If someone has a duplicate of it I can try paying for it for 20000 clintz.


I got what i wanted. close the topic please.

I'm paying 18k clints for Vickie . market value is about 20k . pm me if someones interested.

As soon as i buy credits
and got a double of a card
i will sell it to you for 50 clintz (up to 3 cards only)
dont worry i wont give you a card which is very common in fpc there are 4
maybe i will help you too in other clans

Timber and vansaar max 700 each

all stars
(except mario hammer eyrton)
25-50%under the market price

so as soon as possible you read and approve pm me quickly no posting about it

for those whoo cant understand some of its parts
i said i am buying not selling
bawal yung mga tao na mapanira ha!

Close This Thread Admin Id Sell It Already

@Linkon - sorry already got one

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