tuesday 04/03/2008

Ill buy Ella for the price u

Wow... how many people are trading Chad Bread for Kenny?
Too many if you ask me smiley
come next week, likely chad bread won't be worth a Kenny.

You can't have less than 8 chars. If you sell him, you will only have 7. Buy one, and you can sell him.

I am lookin to buy Selsya Cr. If anyone could maybe offer me one for 38500K you'd be my best friend forever xD

Do you think you are a godfather?

hw about 2 chad bread?
he will become Cr soon

MODS PLZZ close this i got chad bread in a pack smiley

I have a Lao Cr 0exp I'm willing to trade. I'd like your Lao Cr + some clintz for it.


What level are these at?

@Abposse: No more 5 stars to use? I count 3 still left that you can obtain from packs. Next, Lamar has been banned from ELO for quite a while now. Finally, what's to stop you from continuing to use Lamar in normal daily tournaments?

Note, 11up cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Ok,ok I give 1000!

He'll end up around 10k on the market

You have roughly 16-18k there kenny is 22-30k, you might want to add some clintz

Alredy got him
mods plz close this

Oops dont know about the rules.

Modds can you please destroy this i messed up badly

How about a page cr plus 2k

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