wednesday 19/03/2008

I can trade for you linda. I have lots of cards, look at my list under my posting and send a pm, I will gladly make you a good deal for it.

I have a maxed kolos and want to get rid of it . but i have not bought creadits from market smiley if you give me code i will give it for


Nah, I wait till they go down then get the new cards. I don't feel like paying jacked up prices.

Closed i got my Vickie in a Pack now i have two powerful cards smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

tuesday 18/03/2008 her in a pack

JAMAGE you cant sell ur card u only have 8 cards

Right now Kenny alone, is going for more than 35k on the market.

Wow, neither have I! I better get some more Danger packs, theres 35k in there smiley!

Note, Sephiroth73 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I trade my Marlysa cr 0xp for other Marlysa full xp+complement.please,real offers in PM or here

Lol you can close this thread....all sold smiley

@ JP....they were 40K at the time i was selling...smiley smiley

What do you have to trade???

Lol good luck. this is the English forum so you won't find anyone willing to trade or sell thier cards for less than what they're worth. try the French forums dude

Pity nobody has reached my reserve price therefore topic closed
It will be for sale on the market
You a good game

I sold it for 5.8k

Sold, close plz smiley

Oh! sorry....the second miranda is tessa cr

Looking for a marco, name price or trade offers.

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