sunday 27/01/2008

I have somesmiley

Trading these cards for Nightmares or Gheists

Esmeralda Full *
Eve Full *
Graziella Full*
Soushee Full*

You have any cards for trade?

I buy Tessa Cr for 35 000 clintz

No she ment i would sell them to him because iem her bro

Whsiper me if you have one theres guys up for sale


pm me with prizes smiley

I need Linda, too. Please send me a pm.

Want to buy Burger Jane Ramba Bruce Wardog and Bryan for less then 1000g help a person out smileysmileysmiley

Trading my max ashigaru for ambre and some clintz.. to tie the prices smiley

Noodile 840
Yookie full level 550
2 Lunatik level1 620 each

or I will trade you all and 1000 clintz for SkrumxxT since its close to the same pricesmiley

Mods please close this thread... smiley

im done (smiley,)

How much will you pay for a level max copper

I need yookie level 1 pay 300 clints put it in my private sale i also buy wanda level 1 for 150 clints or cheper
tanx if you have some cheap cards make offers

saturday 26/01/2008

K, cool

Sorry never mind I made myslef a deck. Can I get a lock?

Wanda on top level 500 clints
carlos on top level 500 clints
we lee top level 7000 clints
stiker top level 6500 clints
marina top level 7000 clints

I buy tessa cr .

Ive got Lulabee

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