tuesday 18/03/2008

Note, Sephiroth73 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I trade my Marlysa cr 0xp for other Marlysa full xp+complement.please,real offers in PM or here

Lol you can close this thread....all sold smiley

@ JP....they were 40K at the time i was selling...smiley smiley

What do you have to trade???

Lol good luck. this is the English forum so you won't find anyone willing to trade or sell thier cards for less than what they're worth. try the French forums dude

Pity nobody has reached my reserve price therefore topic closed
It will be for sale on the market
You a good game

I sold it for 5.8k

Sold, close plz smiley

Oh! sorry....the second miranda is tessa cr

Looking for a marco, name price or trade offers.

Hey ouc_minion I have just purchased some credits. I believe that becuase of that I am now able to do a trade with you.smiley So do you still wish to take me up on my offer ? Of tradin my maxed out rubie for your edd and na boh ?

Starting it off at 150 for a bad card and there are heaps of commons that have a chance to become a cr so why do u suspect him or are u just desperate?smiley

I also have gabrielle (i think)

Your reserve seems too high even though you're selling a huge lot of cards. I'm too lazy to figure out the current market value, but I would be shocked if it was over 500k! I at least didn't see any CRs in the mix.

monday 17/03/2008

I will trade you Don and Edd both maxed for Flavio Cr

I will buy 6k and 1 Kolos (0xp)

I am buying k cube, please pm me your offers

Looking for mathane. I got money, just dont like to spend much... well anyways, thats prety much what i want if i can get a good deal ill buy.

How much for hattori and ottavia

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