monday 07/01/2008

Anyone interested?smiley

Thank you predator smiley nice business

sunday 06/01/2008

Mods close thread, already sold

How much would you give for a graziella and carl?

Yes I am

Please close this thread

SO MUCH FROM SAY 200 - 1000

How much individual for
Wee Lee

I alredy sold them, moderator close the subject.

Anybody wants to buy my rolph (R) for 20,000, contact me or post back here!

Well its over and its been bought close this done mods

I offer my jackie maxed and 22000 clintz

Close topic plz

market price :
Seldnor Cr : 10500
Bridget : 3000
Morphun : 4800

Hay ya im looking for Kerozinn Cr, Elya Cr looking for the first lvs of thim just say how much you what and i will see if i can pay for it

Now i have 2 Flavio smiley

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U havent got a single clue shes 4k on the market and her value says shes 3k 900

Buy him at da shop if ur desprate

Now buying kerry for 3k

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