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monday 07/04/2008

Thank you Geofree and to answer you question will depend on star. PM me with an price and I will let you know.

How do we trade?

Please close got cr i want

I have seldnor cr and geuner cr

I wan't a Striker card , Pls PM me.. thank you very much smiley

Sorry Tigger8, I was buying those Cr cards not selling them.

And I have already gotten what I wanted.

Please close this thread.


sunday 06/04/2008

Its ok, i got sheitan now, i got credits i willsell some cards and get sheitane. thanks aniway

Can anyone private sale one of those under the market cost? I can go as high as 400 clintz... I really need them...

I would trade Kolos for Marco!smiley
PM me guys/girls!

Sorry somebody just bought it smiley

721. it's easy to lvl cards up. no offense.smileysmiley

Wiiling to pay alot of moenry?

Jim Cr and Splata Cr both rise and fall between 30k and 50k. It would be a pretty even trade if you weren't asking for 5k extra.

Sold please close this.

I want a lelena, i can provide marina in exchange for it.
or you can look at my current sale to find the card you are interested

p.s. who was interested should send lelena to me first

How much will you pay for Jeeves (lvl 3 - very very close to lvl 4)?

Please PM me your offer!

Looking for yayoi for a reasonable price

I am looking for these in cheap proce

Ooh sorry i mean 2.2

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